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3 Common Sports Injuries You Should Avoid

If playing sports keeps your blood pumping, you should stay away from injuries in order not to limit your time on the court or field. Remember that the risk of getting injured is always present. Your progress as an athlete could be affected when you get hurt. Here at our New York sports medicinepractice, we would love to see our patients excel in their chosen sport. Thus we have made a list of the most common sports injuries you have to avoid to give yourself a chance to a successful career.

ACL Strain

Your ACL is the ligament found behind your knee between the shin bone and the thighbone. An ACL strain is usually caused by sudden deceleration like when you suddenly stop and move to a different direction. It can also be caused by hyperextending the knee. Soccer and basketball players are the ones who usually have ACL strain.

Ankle Sprain

A lot of athletes experience an ankle sprain at some point in their active years. It is an injury to the ankle’s ligaments. It happens when you twist your ankle like when you incorrectly land from a jump or your foot lands on the wrong place.

Plantar Fasciitis

It is a condition that arises when the tendon found along the foot’s arch is strained. Plantar fasciitis makes the tendon feel tight and causes pain. It usually occurs to people who run or sprint a lot. It can also happen to athletes with flat feet or those who wear poor footwear. Even being on your feet way too much and obesity can cause this injury.

These injuries have to be avoided as much as possible. Also, when you experience any of them, you have to seek help right away. For more information on sports injuries and how to stay away from them or for a thorough consultation and treatment, call us at 212-876-5200. We would gladly answer your queries and help you achieve your dreams!