Ankle Sprains and Overstriding in Trail Running

Downhill running is one of the most exhilarating things that trail runners enjoy. However, a few seconds of not paying attention to what you’re landing on could potentially result in a badly sprained ankle. The worst part about having a sprained ankle is that individuals with a history of sprains are ten times more likely to have their ankles injured again than individuals without a history of the injury.

ankle injuriesWhether you’re a newbie or seasoned trail running pro, overstriding is a primary factor behind rolled ankle sprains in trail running. An overstretched leg will only result to your ankle’s need to roll outwards and consequently lead to serious injury. Shorter strides are lighter and quicker, and present a much-reduced risk of ankle sprains. Avoiding narrow strides can also help prevent ankle sprains because the narrower your stride, the higher the angular stress on your ankles.

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