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Avoid Injuries when Shooting Hoops

Most boys, and even some girls, love basketball. It is a sport that many men enjoy doing – even when it entails a lot of running and jumping and causes injuries in many instances. Although the possibility of getting injured is always present, it does not have to happen to you. To prevent injuries while playing ball, shoe manufacturers have made products that are specifically designed to keep the feet and ankles as comfortable as possible even with all the action going on.

But you can do something to protect yourself too. Shoot baskets without having to worry about getting injured using these easy tips.

Prevent anterior knee pain

Knee pain usually occurs when a jump is done improperly. The correct way to do it is to jump from the hips, giving your gluteal muscles a boost. Doing so will take away the stress from your quadriceps and produce more power in your jump as well.

Protect your ankles

Ankle injuries are common in basketball athletes. These injuries often occur when athletes lack balance and not necessarily because they have weak ankles. To aid this situation, it is helpful to do single-leg balance work exercises. This can be effectively done on a foam pad. It is effective even when you’re barefoot. You can also enhance your proprioception by changing your head position while doing so to add to the challenge.

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