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Don’t Forget to Stretch!

Before any strenuous activity or exercise, we are often advised to do some stretching first. The problem with most of us though is that we tend to ignore this little tip and proceed to the exercise right away. Stretching exercises are supposedly helpful in order to lengthen your muscles to their normal muscle length. Without these, our muscles could shorten and tighten during vigorous exercises, causing muscle pain and injury.

This often happens to basketball athletes who do not warm up before shooting hoops. If you are an athlete, or a sporty person at that, you can prevent shoulder injuries from happening to you by stretching properly.

Stretching the Right Way

One tip to keep in mind is to exercise only when your muscles are warm. Exercising when your muscles are cold can cause them to tear in the process. A warm-up can be a light five-minute jog until you can already feel warmth emanating from your muscles.

You can then proceed with slow, static stretches for 20 to 30 seconds. It is important to gradually increase your speed and power when performing stretching exercises as this helps prepare your muscles for the demands of your sport.

You may do some bounce style exercises or any other plyometric routines that are similar to your sport’s requirements.

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