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How Aquatic Therapy Helps You Recover Quickly From Injury

There’s a good reason why pool exercises are a constant element in most injury rehabilitation programs. Alongside other physical therapy protocols, exercises in the pool have been shown to accelerate healing while improving endurance and strength at the same time.

The perks of aquatic therapy

The reduction in weight of an object when it is submerged in water reduces the force on the body’s joints. It is also estimated that roughly 90 percent of support is provided by the water’s buoyancy when the body is neck deep in water. This results in lesser stress on the injured area, which helps you recover faster and restore normal function of the injured area. Plus, the resistance and turbulence supplied by the water helps strengthen muscles.

Pain and swelling that accompanies injury is also reduced with aquatic therapy. This has to do with hydrostatic pressure or the force exerted by the fluid movements to the body immersed in water. When pain and swelling are significantly reduced, range of motion is greatly improved.

Finally, the psychological effects of aquatic therapy are an added benefit. Spending some time in the water relaxes you. Many of our patients have experienced significant improvements in their overall well being following aquatic therapy.

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