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No to Ankle Injuries: Surefire Tips for the Sporty

For most of us, the active lifestyle is good. The surge of adrenaline, the body aches, and the healthier feeling is something that we could not trade for the world. However, this active lifestyle comes with the risk for acquiring unpredictable ankle injuries.

Well, do not let this risk prevent you from doing what you love. Take a thing or two from these helpful tips and stay away from ankle injuries.

Do not skip the warm up.  

Most athletes already know this basic, yet very crucial, routine. Of course, warming up prior to doing any sport can help ease up your muscles and joints and prevent them from getting injured. Light stretching or a slow jog even for just two to three minutes can already warm up your muscles. However, make sure you do not overstretch by doing a “bouncing motion”.

Your kicks mean a lot.  

Think those sports shoes are just worn for show? It turns out that when it comes to doing sports, comfort always comes before aesthetics and everything else. It is vital to choose shoes that suit the contours of your feet. Some people have low arches or pronate feet. For this type of feet, shoes that support both the front and below the arch are appropriate. For feet with stiffer arches, it is advantageous to choose kicks that have a cushioned platform.

Avoid running on uneven surfaces.

Unless you are going trekking, it is important to step or run on flat surfaces as much as possible. Be careful of loose gravel, holes, or tree stumps as you run. They can cause you to trip or get your ankle twisted. Because of this, picking a good surface is important.

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