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Play Without Getting Injured: Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

We just love to stay active by participating in different activities and sports. However, what’s supposed to be fun sometimes turns out to be a nightmare when we get injured while playing. Although getting hurt is inevitable in physical activities, it has been found out that 50 percent of these incidents can be avoided. The following tips will help you enjoy a game without having to worry:

  • Be fit before starting a new sport. The sport should not be the one to get you in shape. Playing a certain activity requires strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and coordination. You need to work on these things before delving into a sport that could catch you off guard.
  • Build gradually. As they say, start slowly but surely. Trying to do too much a little too soon will only overuse your muscles and cause injury. When running, don’t aim for an increase in mileage more than 10 percent every week. Allow your body to adapt first before you intensify your exercises.
  • Wear right. By this, the proper protective gear for your chosen sport must be worn while playing. Wear a helmet when biking, rollerblading, or in football. If necessary, mouth guards and protective eyewear are advised, too.
  • Warm-up is key. Start every activity with a good warm up that should last for about 15 to 20 minutes. Raise your heart rate and body temperature by starting an easy cardiovascular exercise and finishing with a slow stretch. Don’t bounce. Once you’ve done this, you will less likely get injured and more likely perform well.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Even well-trained athletes are no match if they are drastically dehydrated. The body has fluid needs, especially when under physical stress. Depending on the intensity and duration of your activity, you can choose to drink plain water or a sports drink to replenish yourself.

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