Pre-Operative Instructions

When it comes to your surgery, safety is our #1 concern. Always follow the advice of our professionals.

Sickness: If you become sick prior to your surgery (stomach bug, upper respiratory infection, sore throat etc), please call the office and speak to the nurse or surgical scheduler. You will likely need to go to your primary care provider to have the illness checked. If you have an infection, we do not want to chance having it travel to the surgical site. Also the anesthesiologists want your lungs to be clear, (no matter what type of anesthesia you are having (local, regional or general).

Medications: Do not take traditional over the counter or prescriptive anti-inflammatories (ASPIRIN, IBUPROPHEN, MOTRIN, ADVIL, ALEVE, RELAFEN, NAPROSYN etc.) within TEN days of surgery.

Many supplements (vitamins/herbs) can react with other medications, prolong clotting time, and increase the effect of anesthesia. To be safe, avoid taking supplements TEN days before surgery unless otherwise directed by your medical doctor or the surgeon with whom you are scheduled for surgery.

If you are taking Mobic, Celebrex, Relafen, Indocin, or any other anti-inflamatory, it is recommended that you stop taking this medication FIVE days before surgery. These products can affect the way your blood clots and could cause more bleeding in and after surgery.

If you are on Coumadin or Aspirin therapy as prescribed by your primary care provider, speak to your doctor directly regarding what to do as far as dosing of your medication before surgery.

You MAY take Tylenol up to the day before surgery as needed for pain.

Pre-operative Visit: Approximately two weeks before surgery you will come in for a visit to our office. At this time, you will be given THREE prescriptions for medications to be taken AFTER surgery. One will be an antibiotic to help prevent infection. The second will be an anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling and pain unless there is a contra indicator. The third one is a narcotic pain killer to help decrease the acute pain and discomfort you may or may not experience post-operatively. While all these medications are for after surgery, get them filled from your pharmacy BEFORE surgery so that you will have them when you go home from the hospital.

Post-surgery Visit: You will come into the office approximately 1-3 days AFTER surgery to have your dressing changed by the nurse or physician assistant. The surgery scheduler will set this visit up prior to your surgery. If you have had Hand, Elbow or Wrist surgery, you will instead meet with the hand therapist 1-3 days after your surgery to decrease any swelling in your fingers and then you will meet two weeks post-surgery with the nurse or physician assistant.

Blood and Urine Tests: You will need to have blood and urine tests before surgery. If you are over the age of 40, you will need to receive medical clearance from your primary care physician. The surgery scheduler and/or nurse and physician assistant will coordinate with you the tests (i.e. blood tests, an EKG, and a chest x-ray) which you may need. Your doctor MUST forward the test results directly to our surgery scheduler.

Bathing: For the four days before surgery, wash the entire extremity where the surgery will be preformed thoroughly with HIBICLENS soap once a day while you bathe. Hibiclens is a strong anti-microbial soap which decreases the bacteria on your skin to further help prevent infection. You can purchase it over the counter at the pharmacy and can pick up your prescriptions at the same time for after surgery.

Grooming: Remove all finger and toenail polish prior to surgery so that the circulation in your extremities can be monitored. Report any new cuts to the nurse or physician assistant prior to surgery to avoid cancellation on the day of surgery.

Surgery Appointment: The time of your surgery will be given to you the AFTERNOON BEFORE SURGERY. The hospital will call you with the confirmed time and tell you when to show up at the hospital (usually two hours before your scheduled surgery time). Due to possible emergencies, the hospital typically does not release the confirmed times for surgery to us until the day before the surgery (at the same time that they call you).

If you have not heard from the hospital by 4:00 p.m. the day before surgery telling you what time to arrive for your surgery, call the hospital and ask to speak with a pre-op nurse. Contact numbers are:

  • Stamford Hospital 203-276-7975
  • Beth Israel Hospital 212-420-2616
  • Westchester Ambulatory Surgical Center 914-684-8700
  • Northern Westchester Hospital 914-666-1560.

If you can’t get through to the hospital, call the surgical scheduler for your doctor at 203-863-2003 or 212-876-5200 to confirm the time.