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Sports Injuries


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Sports injuries affect millions of adolescents and adults every year. This leads to disappointed athletes along with their families and coaches. Sports injuries are not limited to children and can occur at any age, affecting high level professional athletes and adults participating in recreational exercise. Sport’s injuries occur in two categories; acute or chronic. Acute injuries involve a sudden single trauma to the body. Examples of acute injuries are contusions (bruises), sprains (partial or complete tears of a ligament connecting bone to bone), strains (partial or complete tears of a muscle or tendon connecting soft tissue to bone), concussions (trauma to the head and brain), and fractures (broken bone). These acute injuries are important to treat properly as they can lead to degenerative changes over time that may require surgery as an adult or ultimately cause osteoarthritis. Football is the leading sport causing acute or traumatic injuries followed by hockey, soccer, men’s lacrosse, and basketball.

Chronic injuries are a result of repetitive micro-trauma when a sport is repeated frequently over time. When your body does not have enough time to recover in between games, practices, and multiple sport participation, an athlete is at risk for this overuse injury. Other causes of overuse injuries are changes in technique or form, rapid increase in training volume or intensity, and the surface conditions of the sport. Examples of chronic injuries are stress fractures (micro-trauma’s leading to a fracture of a bone), tendinosis (repetitive inflammation of a tendon). Overuse injuries are common in track and cross country running, swimming, baseball, tennis, and rowing. We can make efforts to prevent most sports injuries by getting pre-participation physical exams and performing a proper “warm-up” before and “cool-down” after exercise. Strengthening exercise programs, proper equipment and staying physically fit are other important concepts to consider before participating in athletics.

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