Three Science-Backed Reasons to Start Strength Training Today

Strength TrainingThere is no denying the fact that strength-training exercises, also known as resistance workouts, are good for you. Most of us are aware that weight lifting, kettle bells, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises can help build or maintain muscle mass and strength. The benefits of strength training go beyond getting stronger and looking good.

By and large, regular strength training also offers the following awesome benefits:

  • Strength training strengthens bones, too.

Several studies in recent years (here’s one) have shown that exercises involving weights and resistance do not just help build muscle but also slow down bone loss. This is extremely useful in helping the elderly deal with the progressive decline of bone density due to osteoporosis.

  • Strength training keeps the blues away.

This specific research has found significant evidence that engaging in resistance exercises regularly can help reduce depression and anxiety.

  • Strength training keeps you injury-free.

As mentioned earlier, consistent strength training does not just target improvement in muscle composition and strength but also does the same thing to bones, ligaments, and tendons. An increase in strength in the connective tissues means that a person is less likely to be injured when engaging in sports and other forms of physical activity. This study found a connection between a dramatic decline in injury risk amongst football players who hit the weight room regularly.

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional athlete, strength training is crucial for warding off injury. Get in touch with us at 212.876.5200 to learn more about strength training exercises today!