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Warning Signs of a Significant Knee Injury

Being the largest joint in the body, the knee is a common site for injuries among athletes. It is quite hard to determine if an injury is minor or significant. Some athletes who have knee injuries tend to ignore it and believe that they do not require medical evaluation. They merely hope that in time their wounds will heal. Here at our New York sports medicine practice, we strongly recommend athletes to have their injuries assessed and treated as soon as possible. Delays will only increase the time an athlete would need to recover.

If in the past you believed in your instincts at all times and trusted your ability to determine if you have a major injury, it is time that you make use of your mind instead. Also, you have to ask yourself these questions to know if your knee injury may be significant after all.

  • During the moment you got injured, did you hear or feel a snap or a pop?
  • Within 24 hours after the incident, did you see a significant swelling of your knee?
  • Ever since you had the injury, has your knee locked?
  • Since the time you acquired the injury, has your knee given in while you are walking or while you are running ?

Even if you cannot identify the severity of the injury or the specific injury that you have by answering these questions, they warn you that a medical consultation is necessary. These red flags should never be ignored. In fact, the best thing to do is to consult an expert right away.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, contact us at 212-876-5200 or fill out this online form so we can help identify the extent of your injury and provide you with the appropriate treatment and recovery plan.