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Where in the world is Dr. Plancher?

Dr. Plancher’s ongoing commitment to stay up to date and informed in the constantly evolving field of orthopaedics took him far and wide this last quarter.  Here are some highlights of the seminars and meetings that he attended —

Most recently he was in Jeju, South Korea, and did a presentation on shoulder instability in athletes: “Functional Outcomes in Contact Versus Non-Contact Athletes with Anterior Shoulder Instability Following Arthroscopic Bankart Repair with a Modification.”  And may I add, what does this mean? It means that if your shoulder is dislocating we can help!

In early May he flew to Barcelona, Spain, and gave two lectures on knee arthroplasty, (knee replacements).  “Outcome and return to sport in lateral unicondylar knee with 5 year follow-up in middle aged adults.”

Mid March he was in Are, Sweden, at the ACL Study Group meeting.  His presentation “Autograft/Allograft Single-Bundle Transtibial ACLR Restoration of the Native Footprint.”  BTW:  Your ACL is the knee ligament  that famously makes a “pop” sound when it snaps.  Ouch!