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Exercises for a Speedy Recovery After Hip Replacement!

Athletes move their bodies a lot, predisposing them to all sorts of injuries. Hip injuries can ruin an athlete’s dream for good. Thus it has to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Here at our New York sports medicine practice, we have treated a lot of athletes with hip injuries. It is our goal to help them from start to finish, from the initial consultation up to the rehabilitation phase and full recovery.

Some hip injuries call for hip replacement. After hip replacement, it is important to perform exercises regularly in order to restore the normal movement of the hip as well as its strength. Through these exercises, the person can return to his or her daily activities until full recovery is attained. Here are the most common exercises to be done after total hip replacement.

  • Ankle Rotations
  • Bed-Supported Knee Bends
  • Buttock Contractions
  • Abduction Exercise
  • Quadriceps Set
  • Straight Leg Raises
  • Standing Exercises
  • Standing Knee Raises
  • Standing Hip Abduction and Extension

These exercises improve blood flow to the legs and feet, preventing any blood clots. They also help in strengthening your muscles as well as improve the movement of your hip. At first, you may not feel comfortable doing the routines, but you will soon get used to it. You also have to remember that they hasten your recovery and minimize any pain that you feel after surgery. For instructions on how to perform these exercises, please click here.

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