Going Back to Work After Knee Replacement Surgery

When a patient is having knee replacement surgery, the question is “When can I go back to work?” The answer varies, depending on how demanding your job is, the rate at which your body heals, and the state of your general health.

Generally, you can return back to work four to six weeks post-surgery if you have a desk job. You may be instructed to expect a longer recoveryknee replacement time before you return to a physically demanding job. You may have to wait between four and 12 weeks before you will be allowed to lift heavy objects or engage in physically challenging work. It could take much longer than the aforementioned if you have other health issues that need to be addressed.

The following are good indicators that you are ready to get back to work after knee replacement:

  • You’re not dependent anymore on strong painkillers that can cause drowsiness and possibly increase your risk for injury at the workplace.
  • You have already regained leg strength and mobility to drive yourself to work, take public transportation, or adequately function in case of emergency.

Furthermore, keeping your body weight under control is crucial because the excess pounds can accelerate wear and tear of your new knee implants. Scheduling regular visits to your healthcare provider so he or she can monitor the state of your new implants is equally important. The frequency of your visits will depend on your age, current health status, and lifestyle habits.

Individuals recover at different rates and have various circumstances that can affect recovery. Learn more about knee replacement recovery through a personal consultation with us. Call 212.876.5200 today!