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How to Prevent Hand Injuries at Work

Sometimes our jobs require us a lot of hands-on work. It may not occur to us yet, but our hands do need proper attention like the rest of the parts of our body. They can get injured anytime while we are working with machines or even with just mere computers. The trick is to know how to prevent this from happening. Here’s how.

  • Know the hazards of your job, or a certain task, beforehand.
  • Be aware of areas that may burn you.
  • Be cautious of the pinch points.
  • Take note of moving or rotating surfaces.
  • Make use of a remote control, if any, to control the machine and prevent it from starting automatically.
  • It is best not to wear loose clothing or accessories that could be caught up with the machines.
  • When operating machines, always wear safeguards and never remove them while doing so.
  • Use the appropriate tools.
  • Wear the correct gloves when doing a certain task.
  • Remember to work at your own pace. Don’t compromise your safety to how quick you work.
  • The handles are there for a reason. Use them. No shortcuts.
  • When retrieving tools from dangerous places, use magnetic poles or other long objects.
  • Safety shut-off controls must be separated in different colors, sizes, and shapes in order to distinguish them properly from all the other controls.
  • When repairing machinery or power tools, check first if the power is shut down or if the machine is locked.
  • Use wrenches that fit bolts and nuts properly.
  • Always keep your eyes fixed on what your hands are working on.

As with any activity, the risk of getting hurt or injured is always there. Make sure you do the right thing and consult any incident right away. Our doctors at Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine would gladly cater to your elbow, wrist, and hand treatment needs. Call us today at 212-876-5200.