Outrunning Fatigue

Some of us might consider the world we are living in quite a busy one. Overcrowded streets, huge skyscrapers, and traffic jams all seem to represent our modern life’s frenetic character. Running between work, meetings, social engagements, and home keeps everyone busy—and often worn out. Many of us now share a general, unpleasant feeling of fatigue, and we fear it becoming part of our routine, if it is not already.

Although it is completely normal to feel tired after a hard working day, if you constantly feel like you need to rest or take a break, it might be that your fatigue is adding on to itself and worsening, mainly due to bad habits.

fatigueAdrenal fatigue is one of the main causes of this add-up. Your adrenal gland secretes hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone and cortisol. These hormones are fundamental to your general well-being and everyday vitality. They affect your health an way of life so tremendously because they are closely tied to the absorption of energy in your body. This mainly happens through gastrointestinal processes, which also means your diet plays an important part on your level of fatigue. The amount and quality of your sleep is also crucial to enjoying a day with a youthful feeling of vitality.

Good eating and sleeping habits, therefore, can greatly help you fight against and cope with everyday fatigue. If you want to be productive for longer, you should consider properly balancing your diet and drinking more water. Also, you might want to smoke and drink less in order to enjoy a better sleep. Sometimes the answer can be as simple as going to bed earlier.

If you have tried these natural options and are still having problems, there are prescriptive drugs to help you combat the effects of fatigue. Stimulants such as coffee an energy drinks can be bought at any supermarket, but they are less effective, less healthy, and can get expensive. These over-the-counter solutions do not help in the long run. In fact, they usually just make the problem worse over time. For example, do you know someone who can’t function at all without their morning coffee? To truly outrun fatigue, what you need is a healthy lifestyle.