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“I went to two other orthopedists and told them I had pain in my leg- but mostly in my hip area. I may have said there was a bit of pain in my back so they both insisted on X-rays of my back only. The diagnosis they gave me was arthritis in my back. I kept arguing it was not in my back and that I was seeing a chiropractor for a few months who was suggesting it wasn’t my back also. The doctors just didn’t want to hear it. I asked for an MRI or an X-Ray of my legs but they just wouldn’t listen to me. This happened over a period of 5 months, trying different anti-inflammatories and remedies. It was a very frustrating process. By this point, both sides of my hips were hurting and this is when I decided to see Dr. Plancher, who listened to me immediately. After the right injection, the pain was gone within just a few weeks. Dr. Plancher really listened to me and was able to help right away.”

– Anne, Rye NY
– Patient since April 2017

“In my estimation if you need rotator cuff surgery there is no other doctor that I would recommend other than Dr. Kevin Plancher. First and foremost if you follow his protocol you will most likely experience absolutely no pain or discomfort. You most likely will not need any pain medication and most importantly you will gain full range of motion.
Another biggie for me is his attention to detail. He is not only looking at the surgery he is going to perform but he is looking at you as a whole. Your well-being is first and foremost with him. If he sees something in your blood work or medical history that makes him feel the least little bit apprehensive, he will work with you to get that issue resolved and then proceed.
His prescription for physical therapy is extremely detailed to insure that there is no misunderstanding on exactly what and when each exercise should be introduced.
I recommend Dr. Plancher without hesitation.”

– Lena, Tarrytown NY
– Patient since July 2016

“Partial knee replacements done seven years ago have given me total relief from years of severe pain with absolutely no side effects or restrictions on any physical activity. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Plancher and his staff, and other patients I’ve referred to him, have been just as delighted.”

“This letter concerns the care I received from Plancher Orthopaedics 1160 Park Ave, NY. NY. In specific the care I received directly from Dr. Plancher. I originally visited Plancher Orthopaedics in late 2007 regarding an injury to my left shoulder. I believed this injury was sustained from a combination of my martial arts practice (Aikido), and my lifelong hobby of sailing. While not being able to specifically identify the cause, the results were clear: I had lost significant range of motion, was operating at what I thought to be 60% of my potential strength (or worse in some cases), and had a lot of pain from certain everyday movements and positions. I was pretty upset as this injury had stopped my sailing and Aikido (my two favorite activities), and the pain was disturbing my sleep. My original intake visit was friendly and efficient. The technicians took X-rays of my shoulder and I was put in a consulting room where I had to wait like we all do. Dr. Plancher came in, introduced himself and conducted a friendly and business like interview. We first covered my previous medical history. He then inquired about the specific reasons for my appointment, requiring me to provide as much detail as possible when describing my injury. Next I was given a thorough physical exam by the Dr. where he both identified the difference in range of motion and the specific areas of pain. Finally, he took me through a review of the X-Rays and clearly showed how my shoulder was not where it should be (my words) in the various angle shots. He recommended I obtain an MRI to be certain, but based on his physical exam and the X-Ray review; he offered his preliminary diagnosis of a torn Labrum. I obtained the MRI and on my follow up visit the Doctor was able to confirm his diagnosis. He gave me options to consider, but advised the Bankart procedure as being the best solution. Stating he executed this procedure many times with excellent results, he assured me he could repair my Labral tear and that with real effort on my part through the recovery, I could go back to doing the activities I enjoy the most. I consented to the surgery, which was scheduled and performed early in January 2008. Overall my surgery went as smoothly as I could have wished (it was performed at Beth Israel on 17th and 2nd Ave). The part I do remember well was Dr. Plancher quizzed me prior to surgery, asking if I had followed his specific instructions in washing my left shoulder with special antibacterial soap for the three days prior, to reduce the opportunity for infection. Let’s just say I was relieved I had remembered to do it. I then met individually with his attending surgeon Dr. Marianne Gardner. She asked if I knew why I was there, what procedure would be performed, if I was prepared and finally for my consent to undergo the surgery. She then signed my shoulder before I was taken to the operating room. I woke up 4 hours later. When the staff felt it was safe for me to go, I had a friend pick me up and I returned home, where I began the arduous process of icing and recovery. Dr. Plancher recommended Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy to me, and in specific John Diamond as the therapist to help me regain my range of motion and strength, safely. Their care of me was exemplary, and I am truly grateful to both Dr. Plancher and Mr. Diamond for their efforts over that six month period ending June of 2008. The amount of work we put in to rehabbing my shoulder was significant, and I’m not sure everyone in this city dedicates the amount of time necessary for this step, but I am rather attached to my left shoulder so I gave it every moment they suggested I should. Two days ago I had my five-year follow up with Dr. Plancher. Once again he took his time to evaluate me personally asking and answering questions about my shoulder. I reported having no pain since the end of my physical therapy and he confirmed my range of motion was excellent. Additionally , I told him since our last visit in 2008 I had been able to fulfill my dream of passing my Shodan exam (getting my black belt) in Aikido, and recently been promoted to Nidan (second degree black belt). I also shared that I had raced in the following offshore sailboat races: 2011 Trans-Atlantic, 2011 Fastnet, 2012 Bermuda races, on Snow Lion, which placed near the top of the fleet in all the above races. Dr. Plancher’s care for me along the entire continuum of our relationship has been nothing short of life changing. I went from being an injured man who could not enjoy his daily movements let alone his favorite activities, back to a highly functioning amateur athlete. I ascribe my ability to participate in my favorite activities now specifically to his surgery, and follow-up care. Both he and his entire staff behave in the most professional manner and it is worth mentioning I had access to Dr. Plancher whenever I requested it. Words cannot fully describe my appreciation of their efforts nor my gratitude for being able to participate in my favorite activities, which would not have been possible without this surgery’s successful outcome. I welcome any questions you might have for me.”

“I could not say enough about this office from the front staff that say welcome to the whole staff and then the doctor there are caring willing to help in all parts of your healing always there with an ear to listen and always ready to help un block any road blocks in your care; if you are looking for a great and smart doctor you cannot go wrong making them your care givers.”

“A top notch doctor that we have referred to many people. Worth the wait and he has performed surgery (shoulder for myself and hand for my wife) with definite, long lasting success.”

“I highly recommend this doctor and his staff.”

“I tore my ACL in 2008. Dr. Plancher explained the surgery and the post-op to me completely thoroughly and saw that I was okay through it all. The surgery went perfectly and quickly and Dr. Plancher was there by my side the whole time. He contacted me multiple times post-op. I have since been able to do activities I couldn’t even do before the surgery and am 100% pain free!!! Dr. Plancher is an amazing surgeon and has great bed side manner. He is also top rated in New York (I did my research before surgery). HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

“Amazing Doctor. Did everything right, surgery went smoothly and he followed up with me for days afterward. Would highly recommend!!!”

“I had a full right shoulder replacement 3 years ago. It took me a year to make the decision–I was “only” 55 at the time, which was on the young side for a total replacement. However, with virtually no cartilage remaining and the bones grinding in my shoulder, I wasn’t sleeping and, well, I was tired of the pain. I am so glad that I had the surgery! Dr. Plancher said that he “could make the pain go away” and he was right.I have been virtually pain free for the past 2 years. I spent a year in PT making sure I got my strength and range of motion to where I could ski and be as active as possible. And, with the exception of being able to forecast the weather during wild barometer swings, I have no pain. I would have this surgery again in a minute and would highly recommend Dr. Plancher. He is a perfectionist and that is who I want to operate on me! Even my scar (which is about 5″ long) is almost invisible!”

“I have had 2 recent surgeries – a rotator cuff repair and a proximal hamstring reattachment carried out by Dr. Plancher. I am on the wrong side of 70 and at no stage had I any pain from either surgery which I attribute to Dr. Plancher’s skill, expertise and incomparable care. I continue to work full-time and have resumed my recreational activities of golf (walking the course) and gym-work. I unreservedly recommend Dr. Plancher and his Staff to all who require the services of a top-class surgeon.”

“Dr. Plancher was incredible ! My son broke his ankle playing roller hockey and needed a plate and screws. Dr. Plancher and his team treated us like we were family! His office was able to get us approved for an MRI in 1 day which is almost impossible and performed surgery within a week. 3 months after surgery my son is back to playing basketball and hockey ! Thank you Dr. Plancher.”

“Yes, you have to pay upfront but the office staff who work for Dr. Plancher file your claims for you. When it comes to your health you want the best. Personal attention and thoroughness. No cutting corners when it comes to Dr. Plancher, he’s the best in his field and truly takes the time to hear and help you out. I’ve been to him for 3 different injuries and he made sure all appropriate tests were done to insure he made the right diagnosis. He and his staff are always friendly and try to stay on schedule. They are always looking for ways to run their office more smoothly to make patients happy. You are in good hand with Dr. Plancher and his team.”

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